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Meshersky park


Over 500 hectares of developed forest

One of the largest and cleanest recreational areas with the best amenities in the Moscow west is just five minutes away from the business district. The whole territory is available for outdoor activities, sports and quiet walks with colleagues or family in any season. It’s also a place for sports events, and visitors can use outdoor studios or bike renting outlets.


The park’s special features

The Meshersky park has a recreational and a sports part. The former is a perfect place for after-lunch walks, bicycle riding or spending spare time with children in the Angry Birds or PandaPark playgrounds. The park’s sports area is best suited for preparation to competitions and setting personal records. In summer, you can choose any route from over 20 km of jogging and cycling lanes depending on your preferred difficulty, while in winter, the lanes are used as skiing runs for skating stride and classic-style skiers.

Here, walking paths and sports lanes are skillfully woven into pristine nature. In winter, visitors can choose from five skiing runs requiring different levels of experience, and in summer, they have a whole network of cycling lanes available to them. Our park finds true harmony between human and nature, it’s a place of proper power


Head of Meshersky park

500 hectares

for walking and sports

25 km

of cycling lanes and skiing runs

A 60 by 40 meters

football pitch available in any season

PandaPark and Angry Birds playgrounds

Areas for yoga and workouts

Just a 10-minute

walk from the business district

Live work play

& learn

Golf club

Live work play
& learn

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