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Skolkovo stands for the opportunity to choose. Choose holding a meeting in a room or on the golf club sundeck. Having a semi-marathon in the Meshersky park or a conference in the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Shop in the retail gallery or have a coffee in one of the «Skolkovo Park» business district cafes. Relax at a pool offering panoramic views or enjoying a dinner at a restaurant.


”Skolkovo Park”
residential district

The Setun’ river embankment connects the «Skolkovo Park» business district with the residential block. There, six premium-class club buildings are surrounded with an English garden. Inside, there’s well-developed infrastructure: residents and tenants can visit the SeasonsCafé, use the Buro Beauty parlor or other retail locations. Apartments in the «Skolkovo Park» residential district are available both for purchase and for lease.

Britain’s and Russia’s best architect bureaus worked together to create this English landscape park against facades from natural Jurassic marble and Maulbronn sandstone housing sleek lobbies.


Golf club

One of the best golf courses in Europe is just in walking distance from the business district. An 18-hole champion course designed by Jack Nicklaus is perfect for varying difficulty, and when the game finishes, you can take a break in the exquisite club house restaurant engineered by Shigeru Ban, recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The menu lists an extensive selection of meals in any season.


Meshersky park

Residents and guests of the «Skolkovo Park» business district have over 500 hectares of developed forest for walks and sports. During the year, it becomes the venue for marathons, outdoor training sessions and other sports events for adults and children. In the walking part of the park, guests can spend time with their children in themed playgrounds,for instance, in the PandaPark rope park or the Angry Birds park.

The whole territory is available for outdoor activities, sports and quiet walks with colleagues or family in any season.


Moscow School of Management

Russia’s best business school is located next to the business district. The campus offers to «Skolkovo Park» residents the opportunity to participate in public events and use rooms for conferences and round-table events. The list of facilities includes cafes and restaurants with Forum Restaurant & Bar among them, as well as two hotels and a fitness center that has a pool with panoramic windows.


The Rink cafe

Just a few minutes’ walk from the business district, there’s a unique ambient space. In summer, it hosts yoga, football and children activity events. In winter, the paths around the café are transformed into a picturesque rink with curling lanes, there’s also a figure skating school and a skate rent. Guests may order items from the season menu any time of year.

Area map

Аll objects
“Skolkovo Park” business district
“Skolkovo Park” residential district
Skolkovo golf club
Meshersky park
Seasons café and shop
The Rink ice rink summer café
Skolkovo golf club Restaurant & Bar
“Tea Hill” in the Meshersky park
FORUM restaurant
Healthy food Space
Secret bar&boutique
Coffee and the City
Starbucks on the go
Nesting Doll (Matryoshka) restaurant and sports bar
Fusion canteen
Axiom Pub
Camera Obscura coffee shop
Кафе Coffee Smile
Столовая CANTEEN DailyFood
Coffee Smile café
Clever coffee shop
Osteria Mario restaurant
Wine market
Daily Food coffee shop
Gastro farm
Fill-Belly (Obzhorka) café
Renat Agzamov bakery
Fili Baker bakery
Pastry (Vypechka) coffee shop
Underground sports bar
Emperor Hall banquet venue
Skolkov Dvor restaurant
South Enclosure (Yuzhny dvorik) tavern
Lakma café
PRO TRENER at the International School of Management SKOLKOVO
The Rink rink and curling venues
Milon Skolkovo
X Fit Сколково
Outdoor-studios in the Meshersky park
Tennis courts in Zarechye
USSR fitness club, Mozhayskoe motorway
Buro Beauty beauty parlor
Kalinka beauty parlor
Hair&Nails Studio Skolkovo
#1 Beauty Skolkovo
Nail Station
Fleur de lis
Beauty outlet at Auchan Marfino
Vivaton center for health and beauty restoration
А5 drugstore
Mosoblfarmacia drugstore
Peredelkino health center for heart conditions
3D Smile
Gorzdrav drugstore
Hadassa Medical clinic
Azbuka Vkusa
Granat supermarket
AUCHAN Marfino
Three Whales (Tri Kita)
Nemchinovka cheese varieties (Nemchinovskie syri)
Pyaterochka Zarechye
Pyaterochka Novoivanovskoe
Lydia grocery store
Egg and Poultry shop
Meat Produce (Myasnitsky ryad)
Groceries store
Fasol’ shop
Lemma market
Pro Market
Utkonos vending machine
Utkonos vending machine
Mini market #1
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Russian School of Economics
Cambridge International School (CIS) — Skolkovo campus
Zarechenskaya general school
High School at the International Gymnasium of the Skolkovo Innovation Center
Rosinka private school and daycare center
Nemchinovka vocational school
CreditEurope Bank
UniCredit Bank
UniCredit Bank
Moscow Credit Bank
Alfa Bank (gated premises)
Russian Mail service
Sberbank ATM
Formula Kino on the Mozhayskoe motorway
Bleu De France laundry
Eurochistka laundry
Laundry #1, drop-off point
Laundry #1, drop-off point
Hotel at the International School of Management SKOLKOVO
Russian Martyr and Confessor temple in Zarechye
Our Lady of Kazan church in Meshersky
Meshersky beach
ANGRY BIRDS playground
Dog run
“Skolkovo Park” residential district
Stellar City residential district
Grunwald residential district
Skolkovo Residences residential district
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