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A well-designed area covering 8,500 sq. m tailored to fit the scenery offers a view on the park and the lake through panoramic five-meter windows. Tenants only need to use an elevator if they’d like to dine in one of the patios of numerous cafes or solve an everyday issue. Guests can use the central entrance located closest to the Skolkovo motorway.

Parks and recreational areas

Working spaces close to a park have their advantages. You can just take the elevator down, walk to the lake and then further to cozy facilities for sports and recreation. Or rent a bicycle and take a ride through the Meshersky park, and then play golf to later finish the day with a delicious dinner at a gastronomic restaurant located in the club house.


Parking lots

An important part of the business district appearance is that there are no cars in sight.

Residents and guests can use an underground two-story parking or a structured parking lot with separate spaces for bicycles and car-sharing vehicles.

128 spaces

in the structured guest parking lot with a car wash

2318 spaces

in the underground parking for office tenants

2 уровень — 1899 м/м

1 уровень — 419 м/м

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Live work play
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